Best answer: Can I fast in Ramadan during pregnancy?

Background: Islam clearly exempts fasting in Ramadan during sickness, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Yet, some women prefer to fast despite realizing their increase in nutritional demand during pregnancy.

Can I fast Ramadan while pregnant?

Pregnant women who fast during Ramadan could be putting the health of their unborn baby at risk, according to a new study. Fasting during the month is one of the five pillars of Islam, although pregnant women are exempt if it poses a risk to their health.

What happens if a pregnant woman fasts?

Fasting during the second trimester of pregnancy may be particularly harmful. Energy restriction during pregnancy is known to increase risk of preterm birth.

Can I fast during pregnancy in Islam?

According to Majilis Ugama Islam Singapura (Muis), the Islamic legal ruling on fasting during pregnancy is that a pregnant woman can fast if she is physically able to do so. If a pregnant woman is in good physical condition and believes she can fast without fear for her health or her baby’s health, she should do so.

Can being hungry affect baby?

If there is not enough ghrelin, these feeding neurons grow too much (see Figure 1 for how this might look in the brain). In both cases, the baby can grow up unable to tell properly if it is hungry or full. The usual result of this for the kid growing up is that he or she eats too much.

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How long can you fast while pregnant?

But the only type of fasting that may be safe for women who aren’t too far along in pregnancy is an overnight fast, for about 12 hours maximum. But, even doing a 12-hour fast depends on the trimester, explains Morgan.