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About Us


The Harrison and Company Story

Harrison and Company understands the special connection between environment and learning. Founded in 1994, Mary Grace Harrison ventured out to establish a company that would fill a unique niche in the world of educational supplies, manipulatives and furniture. She imagined classrooms with comfortable chairs and other furnishings that would remind children of their own living rooms.

That vision continues today. Mary Grace continues as President of Harrison and Company along with her daughter Tiffany, her sister Terri Kevil, and an amazing staff of dedicated professionals. As a cooperative team, they provide products that help create feelings of belonging, comfort and function in school classrooms, child care centers, home daycare centers and home study areas. A strong commitment to high quality, superior customer service and environmentally-friendly products makes Harrison and Company your first choice for educational supplies that are innovating, durable and feel “Just Like Home.”

Commitment to a Social and Environmental responsibility

Whenever possible, we select products with “Green” certifications, made locally from sustainable goods. In fact, a majority of Harrison and Company products are produced right here in the United States. Green certifications from Greenguard®, the Forest Stewardship Council, CRI Green Label Plus, and MAS Certified Green (to name a few) ensure healthier air quality in the classroom while showing a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Offerings include a selection of Fair Trade items that help producers in developing countries achieve better living conditions. Artisan pieces such as our baskets, lamps and musical instruments. Products that encourage global awareness in the classroom. 

Our Staff

Harrison and Company enjoys a relaxed environment where our team members really are like family. Each of our employees has a passion for providing safe and stimulating products that encourage imagination and learning. They are smart and dedicated, each averaging around 10 years with the company. Highly educated in Child Development, our staff is trained to examine each product for its functionality and suitability for young children.

Harrison and Company Mission

Our goal is to further the development and creativity in children throughout their early years with products that educators are proud to have in their classrooms. We believe providing an energizing, yet comfortable environment while children are young will help them to develop a life-long love of learning. We want children to enjoy their educational experiences filled with the quest to discover and learn more.